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Supporting the Traditional Latin Mass, Gregorian Chant and sacred polyphony in Catholic liturgy.


Una Voce Michigan is an association of Catholics that attempts to serve the clergy and laity of Michigan in the spirit of lay involvement called for by the Second Vatican Council. Its particular mission is to have traditional Latin masses made available in Michigan parishes. The moderator of Una Voce Michigan is Mr. John De Gusti, of Plymouth. Una Voce Michigan is a chapter of Una Voce America, which was established in 1996. Una Voce America is a national network of over 60 autonomous chapters that seeks to strengthen the Traditionalist movement and provide greater support for those working with their bishops to obtain the traditional Latin Mass. The President of Una Voce America is Dr. John Rao, Professor of History at St. John's University and Director of the Deitrich Von Hilderbrand Institute.

Una Voce America is part of the International Una Voce Federation. The federation was founded in Rome in 1966 and acts as the umbrella organization for over 25 national associations. In addition to the Traditional Latin Mass, the federation also promotes Gregorian Chant and sacred polyphony in Catholic liturgy. The current president is author and lecturer Michael Davies of London, England.

Una Voce Michigan educates the Catholic public about the traditional Latin Mass. This is important since Pope John Paul II's apostolic letter, "Ecclesia Dei", calling for wider availability of the traditional mass is not generally known and polls indicate that many Catholics would attend the traditional Mass if they had the opportunity. The chapter also provides spiritual and financial support for diocesan priests who celebrate the traditional mass. Una Voce Michigan welcomes these priests to their homes and meetings and purchases necessary liturgical items such as missals and altar cards.

Perhaps the most important role of Una Voce America and its chapters has been in creating a forum for traditional Catholics to share ideas and expertise. Una Voce Michigan participates in all the many channels of communication, which include an e-mail conference for chapter chairmen, a national newsletter, an award-winning web site (www.unavoce.org), and local and national meetings.

 The Tridentine Mass in Detroit

His Eminence, Adam Cardinal Maida has promised, to grant permission for the restoration of the Tridentine Rite. Execution of the grant shall coincide with the implementation of other directives due in from Rome; for the Novus Ordo. Could happen within six months.

A letter of appreciation to the Archbishop is certainly in order; by one and all ! Please, pass this message onto anyone that may have concern. Start looking for your missals!

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